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QUIET MUJO (11 min)

Ursula Meier | Director | Nar | 11 Min | 2014 | Bosnia/Herzegovina/ SWITZERLAND

It’s training time at the Zetra stadium in Sarajevo. Ten-year-old Mujo misses his penalty kick. The ball flies over the goal and disappears among the tombstones of the graveyard that replaced the sports grounds during the war. “Go search among the Christians!” some of his playmates yell. “Seek among the Muslims!” others snicker. Searching for the ball, Mujo wanders in the kingdom of the dead.

Official Selection of Cannes Film Festival 2014 and BEST SHORT HOPE HUMAN AWARD 

ARMENIA (85 min)

M. A. Littler | Writer/Director | Nar | 2016 | Switzerland/French/Germany/Armenia | USA Premiere

Armenia is cinematic interweaving of film, literature and history. The day after his 50th birthday, Haig Boghos (portrayed by Alain Croubalian), a world-weary singer embarks on a personal journey revisiting his family's history of genocide, exile, and diaspora. His journey leads from his current hometown Basel to his childhood home Cairo, and from Beirut to Armenia - the homeland of his forefathers - Armenia. Haig's odyssey culminates in the discovery of mass grave - the last resting peace of many of the victims of the Armenian genocide 1915/16 including Haig's great-grant parents. 
Circling themes of family, identity, and spirituality, Armenia is a geographical, historical and psychological journey into one man's mind and into the collective consciousness of a troubled country and its people. However, Haig Boghos' odyssey is not solely a personal journey. It is much rather the journey of an archetype, a universal tale of displacement  and forlomness  that will resonate with everyone who feels a sense of spiritual homelessness.