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9:10 PM: Joan's Boys / The Conversation / Another Day (73 MIN)


Frederic Garcon | Director | Belgium | 2015 | Narrative

A man and his girlfriend meet up at a local coffee shop and conversation ensues.


Nayra Sanz Fuentes | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative

This award-winning short is a testament to the new independent films being made by women. Another day in the life of Ana, but her boyfriend, family and friends don’t know her reality, not even a piece of it!


Catherine Van Campen, Director | Netherlands | 2013 | Documentary

Joan Sträter offers psychotherapy to out-of-control teenagers, predominantly from ethnic minorities. Mostly boys. They have all had encounters with the police, for reasons varying from robberies to abuse, skipping class or shoplifting. The documentary shows Joan counseling Alaa and Adil, fourteen-year-old twins of Moroccan origin. Joan's Boys is a film about the interaction between Joan and 'her boys', about how their often completely separate worlds can connect. The film is not just a double portrait of patient and counselor; it is also about 'looking' and 'being looked at' and how we so easily judge worlds foreign to us.