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5:45 PM: International Shorts Program V (68 MIN)


Mohammad Ehsani | Director | Iran | 2013 | Documentary

A poetic documentary about Lake Urmia, in northwest Iran, which is drying up completely. The environmental catastrophe will also affect neighboring countries such as Iraq and Turkey. The film is narrated in the voice of the Lake itself, crying for help and trying to bring international attention to its suffering. 

NAJES: The Unclean (19 MIN)

Bahram & Bahman Hajaboullou | Directors | Iran | 2014 | Narrative |

A devoted Moslem man hits a dog and since dogs are believed to be unclean, he is in doubt about whether to take care of it or to abandon it.

1-0   (1 MIN)

Saman Hosseinpuor | Director | Iran | 2013 | Narrative

The Barber begins cutting a young boy’s hair while watching a football game on TV and…


Russell Brown | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

A black comedy with Ian Hart (Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone), who stars in this one-man chamber piece about a gentleman facing off with his greatest enemy.