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12:00 PM: International Shorts Program IV (86 MIN)


Andrea Baldini | Director | France | 2014 | Narrative

Ferdinand Knapp is the greatest actor of all. Preparing for a new play, the lines between his character’s malevolent personality and his own begin to blur, and his double warps his reality into a nightmare.


Juan Pablo Daranas Molina | Director | Cuba | 2014 | Narrative

Carlos is a young Cuban filmmaker facing censorship for the first time. He must decide to either accept a great career opportunity or maintain the integrity of “Yunaisy”.


Vasni J. Ramos | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | WORLD PREMIERE

Two persons are forced to tell the truth… a “truth” that all we all already know. 


Stephen Polakiewicz & Eric Propp | Directors | Roxbury, MA | 2015 | Narrative

Norse folklore whispers of the cursed sword TYRFING, which brings doom to all who wield it and death to all who face it. Safeguarding the honor of his beloved, a valiant Viking duels a berserk raider who commands the damnable steel.


Samuel Quiles | Director | Spain | 2013 | Narrative | NE PREMIERE

Esperanza waits for the sea to return her husband. Clinging to an old fishing net, she tries to keep her memories from fading away, but her grandson Fabian is intent on destroying them and tearing the net by playing football. Anchored in yesterday, Esperanza must leave behind the boat and this chapter of her memories to live a new day tomorrow.

 KRESNIK: The Lore of Fire (14 MIN)

AIFF Best Narrative Short

David Sipos | Director | Slovenia | 2014 | Narrative | MA PREMIERE

Peter and his cousins are spending their summer vacations with their grandfather. They decide to spend the night camping outside, with no suspicion of the ordeals they will endure before the morning sun rises.