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1:35 PM: Dreadlock Story / Sig / Mute (96 MIN)

SIG (11 MIN)

Jean-Jacques Cunnac | Director | France | 2014 | Narrative

Sig, short for Sigmund…Signore…? 


Job, Joris and Mariek | DirectorsNetherlands | 2013 | Animation

A comic take on the idea of bursting to express oneself…with no ability to speak.


Linda Ainouche | Director | USA/Jamaica | 2014 | Documentary

The history of Rastafarianism is explored through the prism of hair. The spiritual significance of the much-criticized dreadlocks hairstyle as well as the roots of Rastafari culture, both of which are entangled with the Hindu tradition in Jamaica, are uncovered in revealing interviews with historian Verene Shepherd, David Hinds of the reggae band Steel Pulse, and Monty and Blade Howell, sons of Leonard ‘Gong’ Howell (‘the first rasta’).