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7 :30 PM: A Chance To Dress / Novena (104 MIN)


Anna Rodgers | Director | Ireland | 2013 | Documentary

Novena is an award-winning documentary capturing a rare moment when two people who are gay and lesbian, are invited to give a speech at a Catholic mass in Dundalk, Ireland.

 A CHANCE TO DRESS (41 MIN)       

AIFF Best Documentary Short

Alice Dungan Bouvrie | Director | Arlington, MA | 2015

Panel Discussion w/Filmmaker and subject, MIT Professor Emeritus John “Tephra” Southard and his wife, Rev. Jean Southard – 45 MIN

76-year-old Professor Emeritus John Southard recently came out to his family, friends and M.I.T colleagues as a cross-dresser after nearly 40 years of easy collegiality. His exuberant outing is reflected, in part, by his efforts to reach out as an educator and counselor to other closeted students and faculty.