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11:00 AM: International Shorts Program II (103 min)


Javier Macipe | Director | Spain/Portugal | 2014 | Narrative | MA PREMIERE

In the riverside neighborhood of Oporto, all the children prove their courage by jumping from the stunning bridge Luis I into the Duero River. Leo has never done it before. He is different but he is getting tired of everyone thinking he is a coward.

 NAMNALA (15 min)

Nacho Solana | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

José is an outdated man with an outdated business. His store, a tech support venue, has made him feel alive in the past, but is about to close. On one of his last working days, José is visited by a mysterious customer. 


Alain Lefebvre | Director | Spain | 2015 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

Antonio has a mission to undertake. And it might be his last.


1900 – 2000 (6 min)

Agathe Pillot, Armelle Renac, Benoît Berthe, Caroline Le Duff, Gabrielle Locre, Vivien Risser | Directors | France | 2013 | Animation | US PREMIERE

The year is 1900, and Georges and Madeleine are auditioning for a stage show in which they exhibit the technological wonders of the next century. Unfortunately for Georges, his lovely assistant is fed up with the act, and, right in the middle of the show, she absconds with their time machine.


Stuart J. Parkins | Director | Spain | 2015 | Narrative

Richard, a young American man, ventures into the Pyrenees mountains camera in hand, in search of information about the adventures of Moses Bruno Fierro, a legendary character his grandmother told him about when he was a young boy. He plans to film a documentary, not expecting that his life will change forever.

NENA (12 min)

Alauda Ruiz de Azúa | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

Javier has the honor of being the first boy to break the heart of Ana. Sixteen years later, he reappears in her life. Ana the adolescent does not want to open the door…what does Ana the adult want?


David Cervera | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

The challenge is to find your space in the world, or what remains of it. 


Vasni J. Ramos | Director | Spain | 2014 | Narrative | WORLD PREMIERE

Two persons are forced to tell the truth… a “truth” that all we all already know. 

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 PASTICHE VOL 1 NO 1 (5 min)

Ned Daly | Director | USA | 2014 | Narrative | US PREMIERE

Q&A w/ filmmaker – 15 min

A kind of found poetry, the opening or closing lines of novels by authors as varied as Samuel Beckett and Toni Morrison, with appropriated images from the American film noir canon. Based on Daly's edgy graphic novel of the same name, the bizarrely unrelated text elements are knit together with sound and image. Pastiche has already been compared to the works of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar