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11:00 AM: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? and The Wakiponi Mobile Program (161 min)

  • Kendall Square Cinema One Kendall Square, 355 Binney Street Cambridge, MA 02139 (map)


The Wakiponi traveling studio was created in 2004 by filmmaker, Manon Barbeau and co-foundered by the Council of the Nation of Atikamekw and the Youth Council of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador with the objective to give First Nation youth the opportunity to express themselves through video and music, all the while fostering an openness to the world. These youth become ambassadors of a rich contemporary culture that is too often overlooked. 

THE INDIANS, THE EAGLE & THE TURKEY (48 min) Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier & Karine van Ameringen | Directors | 2014 | Documentary

Youth redefine what it means to be an “Indian” today, and claim the medium of creation to build a new image of themselves, amidst tradition and modernity.

CALL and RESPONSE (6 min) Craig Commanda | Director | 2014 | Documentary

A dialogue between contemporary and traditional music.

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SYNDROME (6 min) Darrell McBride | Director | 2014 | Narrative

A powerful video about the scars left by the Aboriginal residential schools.

DE FACE OU DE PROFIL (5 min) Sharon Fontaine | Director | 2014 | Documentary

Sharon, a 16-year-old woman, uses her wit and humor to reflect on our use of online avatars.

CARTE POSTALE DU DOZOIS (5 min) Lina Gunn | Director | 2014 | Documentary

Follow Lina on a skidoo ride and stop to fetch water in a lake or to cut down trees for firewood. Prepare bannock, install a prospector tent and put a net in the water for fishing. That's Dozois in winter!

WHERE THE RIVER WIDENS (5 min) Zach Greenleaf | Director | 2014 | Documentary

Inspired by the friendship and the work of fishermen, Zach Greenleaf sings the mig'mag culture of his Gesgapegiag village, "Where the River Widens."

THE ROUTES (4 min) James McDougall | Director | 2014 | Documentary

A man travels his community by bike, recalling the memories and disturbing events that have marked its history.

MR. SANDERSON (9 min) Ray Sanderson & Terrie McIntosh | Directors | 2014 | Documentary

Mr. Sanderson is an intimate documentary featuring Ray Sanderson, a single father who lost his vision due to gun violence. He provides inspiration, encouraging viewers to see life through a different lense.

NEKA (5 min) Nemnemiss McKenzie | Director | 2014 | Documentary

On a paper crumpled with time, a young woman pays tribute to her mother.

MEGWITETM (4 min) Crystal Dawn Jerome | Director | 2014 | Documentary

A woman remembers the sights, sounds and smells of her childhood.


GROWING (4 min) Allison Coon-Come | Director | 2014 | Experimental

Carried away by the gentle sounds of a music box, the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood is seen between light and shadow.



John Baynard, Director | USA | 2015 | Doc | World Premiere

Q&A w/filmmaker to follow

Following Jean Day, a homeless woman living in Boston as she struggles to find housing and stay sober. Navigating the rollercoaster of addiction alongside the family she’s created on the street, where will she wake up? An early screening of an ongoing story.