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2:55 PM: Lost In The Bewilderness / Rice & Matchsticks (126 min)


Javier Beltramino | Director | Argentina/U.K. | 2015 | Animation | MA PREMIERE

Grief dwells within an old man in overwhelming solitude. His wife’s death and the pragmatic indifference of his son and daughter behold the elderly figure clinging on to a long-used suitcase, custodian of his egotist ambitions. But something startling will shake his bitter lethargy, bringing about a magical redemption.


Alexandra Anthony | Director | Watertown, MA | 2014 | Documentary

Q&A w/filmmaker

A feature-length documentary about the filmmaker’s cousin Lucas, who was kidnapped at age five from his native Greece, and found on the eve of his sixteenth birthday in the U.S. This story of international parental abduction, filmed over the course of twenty-five years, chronicles Lucas’s journey of growth and self-discovery, and culminates with Lucas becoming a father himself. It is not only a detective story but also a lyrical meditation on childhood, lost and found, and an exploration of how the themes of ancient Greek myth and tragedy, with the family at their center, are still very much alive in the modern world.