Advertising and Sponsoring AIFF
In our 7th year, the Arlington International Film Festival our Network effectively reaches New Generation who rely on our content to remain informed. We reach over 60,000 via our digital platform, and over 60,000 via our social network platform.

This niche market of early influences, who enjoy higher education and income levels (with significant disposable income), has been that untapped, often times overlooked, and certainly elusive and mysterious market. The Arlington International Film Festival Network has managed not only market effectively to this niche community, but also to bring light to these successful professionals and entrepreneurs, while disseminating valuable information and resources. 

  • Poster Contest Awards (7 months)
  • High School Programs Awards 5 Categories (4 months)
  • Street Banner (2 months)
  • Official Poster (7 months - 6,000 copies)
  • Postcards (8 months - 12,000 copies)
  • A Film on AIFF website (4 months)
  • Independent Film Awards 4 Categories (3 months)
  • Program Book (2 motnhs - 6,000 copies and distribution: Winchester - Lexington - Arlington - Medford - Cambridge - Belmont - Watertown - Boston - JP)
  • Festival Passes (6 months - 4 logos)
  • Logo on the Official Program (
  • Ad on AIFF Program Book (2 months - 1/4 page - 1/2 page - Full page (black & white and color)
  • Logo on VIP Ticket ( 4 months - 4 logos)

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Our Demographics:

Undergraduate/Graduate Students: 36%
Professionals: 84%
Entrepreneurs: 28%
Gender: Male: 59%; Female: 41%
Age: 18-25: 15%; 36-50: 64%; 60+: 27%
The Arlington International Film Festival Network continues to grow and we look forward to working with organizations like yours to develop fully integrated plans that include digital offerings and face-to-face events, which are effective and deliver a superior Return On Investment. In a market of millions worth trillions, the diversity Network is well positioned to provide exclusive access to this booming demo, in and on their terms.