2013 Poster Contest Winner

Final Poster

Sam Manion, 2014 Poster Contest Winner

10th Grader from Minuteman High School

This year’s Poster Contest was sponsored by Yourarlington.com

 Town administrators, community organizers, teachers, sponsors,  parents, media and film enthusiast’s gathered together to unveil this  year’s winning poster. Thank you for your support and special thanks to all students who submitted their designs!  Arlington, MA (Mach.3, 2014) — At a reception held on February 27th at the  Arlington Town Hall, Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) organizers  celebrated the entries to their fourth annual poster contest with James Milan, as  Master of Ceremonies. Submissions from Arlington High School, Arlington  Catholic High School and Minuteman High School were reviewed by a panel of  judges who critiqued the posters for their visual appeal, content and  marketability.  This year’s student award sponsor was Yourarlington.com; Bob  Sprague, editor and publisher announced the winner of the contest and awarded Sam Manion $500 on behalf of AIFF. The reception marks the official launch of the 2014 AIFF Festival scheduled for October 15-19 at Arlington’s Regent Theatre. MEET SAM MANION  “My school offered the opportunity to make a poster for my home town, Arlington. I jumped on it right away and began working. After about 2 days of brain storming and making thumbnails, I had thought that my idea was good enough to be created in the computer. My poster was the one with the earth in the lower-right hand corner, and it took at least a day to create the globe and the film reel (that STILL didn’t come out right!). I wanted to have the design represent earth-tones and I kept the earth green and purple, not giving it a distinctive color representing a region. In my class I probably worked on it the longest, a full week and 2 days of changes and testing software and 3D effects that my computer couldn’t even run! So that’s my story. Even if I don’t win, that didn’t stop me from putting my all into my work.” Sam Manion, Minuteman Regional High School MEET THE PARTICIPATING STUDENTS JACOB BALLIN – MATTHEW COLLINS – DYLAN CONTARINO – NEVA COOVERT – CLAYTON DUNLOP NATHAIEL ETIENNE – GALEN HALL – MARLEY JURGENSMEYER – MATTHEW MORI – ISSAC PETERS NATALIE SCHULTZ – DANIEL SOLANO – ZACHARY WEBER. AIFF2014 Marley J

Galen Hall Film Festival Final Draft

AIFF Poster 2014 Jacob Ballin

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CONGRATULATIONS TO Marley Jurgensmeyer 

At a reception held on Feb. 7 at the Arlington Town Hall, Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) organizers celebrated the entries to their third annual poster contest with Brendyn Schneider, master storyteller, presiding as Master of Ceremonies. Submissions from Arlington High School and Arlington Catholic High School students were reviewed by a panel of judges who winnowed the pool to the top-seven finalists.  Representing the Arlington Cultural Council, Scott Samenfeld announced the winner of the contest, Marley Jurgensmeyer, and awarded her $500 on behalf of AIFF. The reception also marked the official launch of the 2013 Festival scheduled in October as well as the ‘Call for Entries’. MEET THE WINNING ARTIST Marley Jurgensmeyer is a tenth-grade student at Arlington High School and the winner of the AIFF’s Poster Contest for the second year. “One of the things I learned last year is that I am not a fine artist, but there are many ways to communicate visually using clip art and typography. This year I was more aware of searching for the right images to represent both film and the international aspect of the world. I found the film strip pretty quickly and was immediately struck by its simplicity, its use of color and boldness. I also knew that I could incorporate the international aspect in Photoshop using flags to represent the world because they fit the proportions of the boxes on the film strip. One of the things I really like about this poster is that I believe that it fits into the same visual style as my poster last year and hope that helps to promote the AIFF.” Marley said she was surprised to be named the winner for the second year. MEET THE TOP-SIX FINALISTS Ballin, Jacob                                                    AHS, 11th Grade “I am a junior at Arlington High School. I was inspired to participate in the contest because I am interested in graphic design as well as indie filmmaking, and it seemed like it would be fun to make a poster.” Genard, Lydia                                                  AC, 11th Grade “The inspiration for my film festival poster came from my design last year. I used the director’s hands from my poster last year but reworked it. I made the background red because I associate red with theater. To make the film aspect more noticeable I added a film strip in the background. I made the text white so it would be easy to see from a distance.” Griesmer, Sadie                                               AHS, 11th Grade “My inspiration for the post was the literal interpretation of film. Just like the film festival is built off of film, I wanted my poster to be literally constructed of film.” Hall, Galen                                                       AHS, 9th Grade “I was inspired to enter this contest because if I win it will gain some recognition for my art, and also because I like to have a goal to work towards when creating artwork, such as a contest or assignment. Of course, the cash prize helped to inspire me as well.” Li, Yangyuchen “Richan”                                 AC, 12th Grade “For the poster, the color scheme is green because it represents the land we all live on. The map, obviously, represents the world, symbolizing the international aspect of the Film Festival. The film strip wraps around the map kind of like a play on the phrase ‘films around the world’.” Linov, Larsen                                                   AHS, 12th Grade “I am a senior at Arlington High School. Last year my friend, Dylan was a top-five finalist, and his success motivated me to submit a poster design.”